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Name:Super Smash Bros. → [ Wii U | 3DS ]
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3ds, animal crossing, bowser, brawl, c. falcon, capcom, capt. falcon, captain falcon, charizard, crazy hand, d. kong, dedede, diddy kong, dk, donkey kong, dr. mario, dream land, dreamland, earth bound, earthbound, f-zero, falco, falco lombardi, fighting, final smash, fire emblem, fox, fox mccloud, free-for-alls, game & watch, game and watch, game cube, game freak inc., game&watch, gamecube, games, ganondorf, ganondorf dragmire, gc, gcn, giga bowser, ice climber, ice climbers, ike, ivysaur, jigglypuff, kid icarus, king dedede, kirby, koopa, legend of zelda, link, lucario, lucas, luigi, mario, marth, master hand, megaman, melee, melees, meta knight, metaknight, metroid, mewtwo, mr. game & watch, mr. game and watch, mr. game&watch, mr. gameandwatch, mushroom kingdom, n64, nana, ness, ngc, nintendo, nintendo 3ds, nintendo 64, nintendo gamecube, nintendo wii, nintendo64, olimar, peach, pichu, pikachu, pit, pocket monster, pocket monsters, pokemon, pokemon stadium, pokémon, pokémon stadium, popo, princess peach, princess peach toadstool, purin, roy, sakurai, samus, samus aran, sandbag, sheik, shigeru miyamoto, shy guy, smash, smash ball, smash bros, smash bros melee, smash bros., smash bros. melee, snake, sonic, squirtle, ssb, ssbb, ssbm, star fox, starfox, subspace emissary, super mario bros., super smash, super smash bros, super smash bros melee, super smash bros., super smash bros. brawl, super smash bros. melee, super smash brothers, super smash brothers brawl, super smash brothers melee, super smash melee, the legend of zelda, toadstool, toon link, tournaments, tourneys, video games, videogames, villager, wario, wii, wii fit trainer, wii u, yoshi, yoshi's island, yoshi's story, young link, zelda, zero suit samus
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